Dream of becoming a runner but don’t know where to start?

Well first of all you need to get your outfit sorted. Obviously. But I’m not just speaking style (that’s a given), more importantly, functionality to the activity. I have fallen victim in the past to wearing the wrong gear and fallen short as a result. Wearing thick materials when the sun is burning, shoes made for walking and not for busting out a 10km run…it’s pretty much setting you up for failure.

TIGHTS: I, like many others have a plethora of body niggles… dodgy knees, tight ITB and hamstrings (just to name a few) which is why I am loving my new Skins A400 Women’s Long Tights. Yes, they hold you in in all the right places but they also have controlled pressure over the Achilles tendon, ITB (tick) and TFL muscle groups. These babies also have adaptive technology which keeps you warm, when it’s cold and cool, when it’s hot. Have A-Seams for comfort and durability without chafing, 360 degree reflectivity, have bonded hems for comfort, a lower rise that sits comfortably on the hips while still having a wider waistband for comfort. Overachiever in one pair of tights.

BRA: Ladies, I don’t need to tell you how important a good sports bra is. Prevention is key! In the past I have worn 2 sports bras just to make sure they stay put, now thankfully I have found some winners which don’t require a double up… and Berlei is one of them. Any of their sports range is awesome – and if it’s good enough for Serena Williams then..

SHOES: I can’t emphasise enough how important getting the right pair is. Don’t just buy what looks cool – it’s hard I know! If you don’t get the correct fit you may possibly have to endure knee pain, foot pain, shin splints as well as other forms of discomfort – the list goes on. For me, I need extra support. You? Well maybe you’ve never run before so don’t necessarily go for Nike Frees! Go in-store and speak to an expert. I’m digging The Nike Air Zoom Odyssey Women’s Running Shoe. They feature soft, responsive cushioning and enhanced stability to help propel your run while giving you the support you need.

running essentials_edited-2

TOP: A light weight top when running is also on top of my “must have” list. This one (Skins A200 Women’s Loose Fit Layering Tank) has you covered. You’ll also need something a tad warmer before and after your run (or to take you straight to the cafe for a well earned coffee post run) and I LOVE this cape Women’s Loose Fit Warm Up Cape. Yes it’s ultra-light and breathable with durable water repellency to protect from wind and light showers… but CAPE. Obsessed.

HAT: Now I have included a hat for two reasons. Firstly, sun protection (obviously) but secondly, it is going to help keep hair out of your face. Nothing kills me more than getting sweaty hair all over my face when running. I will cut a run short because of this. For real. This lil Adidas Stelllasport flat cap number from Stylerunner is on my hit list.

RUNNING APP: I’m a sucker for recording how far I’ve run, I use it to compare and track my progress and to challenge myself each time. Download an app like Nike Running GPS which will map out your run, plus tell you how many calories you’ve burnt at the end.

DRINK: Post run calls for celebration. And hydration. Enter Raw C coconut water.

SUPPLEMENTS: Lastly, BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze Cream is pretty epic. Containing magnesium, wintergreen oil and menthol in a topical cream, it’s been  shown to increase cellular magnesium levels which is required for normal healthy muscle relaxation. I use it before I go to bed. Goodbye sore muscles!

* and lets not forget some willpower to get you out the door!