This post was created in partnership with ME Bank

I woke up last week and decided I’m making a comeback Rocky style – minus the actual boxing…

I’m going to be a runner again.

Maybe it’s the faint memories from almost a lifetime ago of me running through the bush of our farm when I ran for fun and adventure rather than ‘exercise’. It was just a way that I got around when I didn’t want to use the four-wheeler motor bike or horses. Jumping over falling trees, dodging blue tongue lizards and the occasional snake. Finding blue corner flowers along the way…

Maybe it’s because I’m a new mum of an almost 7 month old boy and I feel like I have something to prove.

Whatever the reason, I decided so there-fore I am.

And maybe you have the yearning too? So let me give you some tips to help get you there.

First of all, as with any comeback you need a goal in sight. A reason for doing what you’re doing. And with that my friend, I present to you your first fight, I mean race: the Mother’s Day ClassiRunning event, sponsored by Industry super-fund owned bank ME.

There are so many reasons why this is our perfect first event to work towards.

The Mother’s Day Classic is an annual fun run and walk that brings the community together on Mother’s Day to support and remember those touched by breast cancer, and I’m sure many of you have already been affected by it in some way or another.

The Mother’s Day Classic is the largest annual fun run and walk for breast cancer research. It raises funds and awareness for breast cancer research. The Mother’s Day Classic aims to deliver a fun, healthy and inspirational community event that brings people together on Mother’s Day to support and remember those touched by breast cancer. All proceeds are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Since 1998 the Mother’s Day Classic has raised $27.4 million dollars.

ME has been the proud major sponsor of the Mother’s Day Classic for 12 years. They are a bank that helps Australians get ahead. And they’re getting behind those who are working hard to find a cure for breast cancer because they believe everyone should be able to live the best life they can.

Pretty inspiring stuff right?!

But let’s stop beating around the bush and get to business because race day is nearing (Sunday, 8 May 2016) so below are some additional tips to help get you race ready to support the girls!

Regardless of whether you choose to walk or run on the day training starts now, before you lace up those sneakers decide and register here what distance you’d like to do (walk 4 km or 8km or run 4k, or 8km).


If you’re going to buy new sneakers now is the time!! You don’t want to be breaking in new shoes on the day or hello blisters!!

If it’s been awhile in-between runs, rather than busting out a 30 minute run for the first time in 18 months (yes my hand is raised here) and get super sore hip flexors… start with a simple interval running training program.

Walk for 300m then run 300m for as long as you can manage. Rest for a day or two then repeat. See if you can shorten the walking duration a little each time until you manage to go the whole time running. This is a great non-threatening way to begin running.

Slow it down: here is no need to be a speed racer if you are starting out. Slowing it down to a comfy running pace is kinder to the knees and will help you get the extra kms you need.

Warm up: before you start your run really spend the time warming up and getting mobility into those joints. Rather than static stretches (holding the poses for a long time like you would at the end of the run), do some quick stretches and moves to excite the muscles rather than relax them (aka static holds).  Focus on the major muscle groups used in running such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals and hip flexors, and incorporate movements that also warm up the abdominal, back and calf muscles. Also add in a few squats, lunges and then you’re off!

Find a buddy: having a partner in crime to wake up early with or encourage you to keep going when you feel like stopping is a great motivator.

If you are already clocking up some km working around a schedule similar to the below (see full post here):

Monday: 30 – minute run to get as far as you can and 45 minutes run specific strength training

Tuesday: 5 x 1 minute hill sprints

Wednesday: 35 -40 minutes of Fartlek training (speed play)

Thursday: Strength Training in the gym

Friday: 35 -40 minutes of Fartlek training

Saturday: Active recovery, yoga/swimming

Sunday: Long-run day, start with 5 km and try to go up 500m-1 km each week

And lastly, just stick with it! Remember it’s our COME BACK run!! We have 15 days until race day so register now and get running!!

So come on, join ME at the Mother’s Day Classic!

Can’t attend? No worries, you can support the girls by purchasing a Mother’s Day Classic bandana designed by ME. The design highlights the fact that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Buy a bandana for $2. Wear it with pride. All funds raised go toward research that aims to reduce this number.

Lee x