Need a quick meal in a hurry? Here are my top five which tick all the boxes of health, flavour and ease.

Weight Watchers Frozen Meals 

I’m a fan of frozen meals, because let’s be honest, there are days when even whipping up the most basic Omelette is a bit much. BUT, they have to tick a few boxes before they get the green light to make their way into my freezer.

Of course they have to taste good (duh), but the ingredient combo is even more important because not all frozen meals are created equally my friend. We only do HEALTHY frozen meals in my household.

That’s why my latest discovery of Weight Watchers frozen meals ticked all the boxes.

weight watchers meals

Their delish frozen meal recipes are created by culinary experts and approved by nutritionists. Not only can it be part of a meal plan but they are also kind on the bank account (hello savings!).

There’s also a variety of modern and appetising recipes made with vegetables, meats and grains.


My favourites were definitely, ‘Lime & Coriander Fish’ and the ‘Moroccan Chicken & Pearl Couscous’ from the Gourmet range. When I want a meat free option but still containing protein, I get the ‘Quinoa & Vegetables’ from the Light Menu. Easy healthy meals that are convenient and quick dinners or lunches.


I go through phases with smoothies and they typically enter back into my life when I’m going through a period that’s extremely busy and if I’m being honest, hectic!

Again, they are soooo quick to make and also a bit convenient to grab on the run and chug away as you’re driving in the car or between appointments. As always, there are things to be mindful of when it comes to the famed smoothie. Such as, don’t go crazy with fruit (one piece is fine), make sure you have fat and protein to help you feel fuller for longer, and if you do use a protein powder, please don’t go ruining all your health and hard work with one that is full of crap – check this post here to see my recommendations. My go to at the moment is water and chilled organic herbal tea as the base for extra goodness and yum, handful of spinach, half a lemon, scoop of protein powder, chai seeds, greens and then just blend and go!



Oh eggs, how I love thee. There’s just so much you can do with these nutritionally rich favourites of mine! The only criteria? It still has to be a fully balanced meal. Yes, even when you need it ready in less than 5 minutes!

What does that mean? Well that means making sure you get those macronutrients in, I’m talking protein, good fats and good carbs. Think about adding avocado, greens, capsicum and if you have it, a little salmon to your scrambled eggs for example.




What pantry wouldn’t be complete without a box of good ol’ oats? Something that suits even the poorest of student budgets plus they are SO filling, quick to make and even quicker to eat. Just add a scoop of nut butter and you are done.

Health (tick), flavour (big tick) and ease? You got it!

Slow Cooker 

Now this may sound like too much effort when you’re already time poor but let me assure you, this couldn’t be further from the truth. All you need to do is drag that slow cooker out from the cupboard (the hardest bit I promise) and then simply throw in a protein of your choice, such as lamb shanks, a bunch of veggies that need using from the crisper, such as carrots, celery, turnip, beans (roughly chop), add in a few sprinkles of herbs and spices, maybe a tin of tomatoes, half a cup of water and you are done. Well in 7 hours anyway.  Mix it up with chicken coconut curry (pictured) and just add rice, or maybe a lentil soup. As you can see, recipes can be loose OR follow via a packet if you prefer. Then enjoy for lunches and dinners throughout the week or freeze for another time.



What are your favourite quick, cheap and easy meals? Healthy can be fast and delicious at the same time.

This post is sponsored by Weight Watchers, but all thoughts and opinions including recipe ideas and meal suggestions are my own.

Lee x